• The Latest News From GM

    • GM Foundation Donates $1 Million to Habitat for Humanity

      In recognition of Military Appreciation Month, the General Motors Foundation announced today a $1 million grant to Habitat for Humanity to fund projects, including 11 new home builds in partnership with Habitat families, with the goal of assisting current and former military service members.Read More

    • Scholarship America Honors General Motors Foundation

      Scholarship America honored the General Motors Foundation with its Social Responsibility award for making a college education more accessible and affordable through the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program.Read More

    • Silverado HD Stalwart of Ultimate Off-road Trip

      Picture this: Travelling through Arizona’s Badlands, with no one to be found for miles, and the two-track path you found on Google Maps is crumbling beneath your 2015 Silverado 2500. In these conditions, you rely on your own ingenuity, and if you get it wrong, a rescue could be hours away.Read More

    • Spark EV Motor Plant Fueled by Green, Clean Energy

      Chevrolet recently began selling the Spark EV to Maryland commuters able to take advantage of the state’s robust charging infrastructure. Now the car’s electric motor and drive unit are being manufactured in Maryland under a rooftop solar array in a newly LEED-certified building.Read More

    • Seat Belt Reminder Chime Annoyingly Effective

      So you’re running late to get the kids to soccer practice. You properly buckle them in the second row of your Chevrolet Traverse, jump into the driver seat, turn the ignition and pull away. Then you hear it. That unmistakable bing-bing-bing chime reminding YOU to buckle up.Read More