About GM: Niharika Taskar Ramdev

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Vice President, Finance and Treasurer

Niharika Taskar Ramdev was appointed Vice President Finance and Treasurer, effective April 1, 2014.  She leads GM’s global treasury operations, including capital planning, capital market activities, worldwide banking and participates in business development, risk management and investor relations.

Previously, she was Chief Financial Officer for GM’s Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Operation, a position she has held since August, 2011. In this role, Niharika helped drive optimization of GM's material and logistics spend, which is the company’s largest cost element.

She has held various positions at the treasurer's office in areas including pension funding, capital markets, FX and commodities. From 2008 to 2011 Niharika was Assistant Treasurer during which time she played key roles in GM’s restructuring, IPO, establishment of credit revolver and development of pension de-risking strategies. She also served as Regional Treasurer for GM Asia-Pacific operations from 2006 to 2008.

In 2012 Treasury and Risk Magazine named Niharika one of their “Outstanding 30 women in finance.”

Taskar Ramdev joined GM in 1996 after earning her master of business administration from Harvard University. She also holds a bachelor of commerce in financial accounting from the University of Bombay.

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Niharika Taskar Ramdev Vice President Finance and Treasurer