Diversity at GM

The NACN Celebrates Native American Heritage Month

The month of November is Native American Heritage Month and serves as a time to celebrate the culture and the history of the culture with others. Although November is particularly significant, GM recognizes the Native heritage year round through the Native American Cultural Network (NACN).

The NACN was first established in 2006 with the mission to educate, inform and create a greater awareness among GM employees, customers and the general public about Native American Indian culture, beliefs and values. Today, the NACN works to meet these goals and also works to promote the culture for the purpose of attracting Native Americans to GM and retaining current Native American GM employees. The NACN also works to provide a forum for networking and learning and develops initiatives to grow perspective GM sales in Native American communities.

The Native American Cultural Network is actively involved in the community and works to support the focus on education and development. The organization has established that the best way to reach success is to begin building relationships with the Native American community through small efforts.

To begin building these relationships, the NACN has been involved in various local and national affairs. For example, the NACN worked with the Regional American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) to host ice breakers and sessions to teach interview skills and dining etiquette within the culture. They also hosted a booth at the AISES National Conference to share GM’s commitment to the environment and to promote GM products. Furthermore, the NACN is involved with American Indian Health and Family Services and provides gifts and food to families during the holiday season.

Diversity initiatives are extremely important within GM and the NACN will continue to put forth efforts to support the Native American culture.