About GM: GM Sustainability

At GM, we view sustainability as a business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value. It is an approach that is executed by every function at every level of our Company.

Sustainability is a value proposition that takes into consideration environmental, social and economic opportunities and supports the long-term success of the Company. Value is created through top-line growth opportunities, bottom-line improvements and risk mitigation. How much value created is driven by our customers — everything starts and ends with customers.

Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy aims to create long-term stakeholder value; align corporate policies, positions and sustainability initiatives; focus efforts on areas of significant impact; and be executed within every function by every employee. The strategic pillars are focused on four specific areas:

  1. Innovations that grows our business through new products and services that customers desire while addressing environmental issues and social concerns.
  2. Integration that ensures sustainability is embraced throughout GM.
  3. Transparency that builds trust and accountability.
  4. Employee engagement that encourages a sustainable mindset at GM.

GM Sustainability Report: Connecting You to What’s Important

The GM Sustainability Report underscores how we strive to achieve GM’s Vision to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles in a responsible manner by aligning sustainability with our business model. This report provides more details on our sustainability strategy and covers the most material topics for GM with respect to its economic, environmental and social impacts.

For information on the extent of GM's efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain, click here.


GM Sustainability

Sustainability Report