About GM: GM Sustainability

At GM, we view sustainability as a business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value. It is an approach that is executed by every function at every level of our company.

Sustainability takes into consideration environmental, social and economic opportunities and supports the long-term success of our company. Value is created through top-line growth opportunities, bottom-line improvements and risk mitigation. How much value created is driven by our customers — everything starts and ends with our customers.

Customer-Driven Sustainability Strategy

At GM, strengthening our company while serving our customers and building better communities through improved mobility defines our approach to sustainability. Personal mobility means freedom. It means economic advancement. It means connected families and communities. It also means a world of safer and smarter vehicles — cars, trucks and crossovers that use less fuel; that have less environmental impact; and that are programmed to help drivers avoid accidents and reduce congestion.

With much of our foundational work and alignment now complete, we are focused on further integrating sustainability into our business through GM’s Purpose and Values. In particular, our work will be driven by GM’s five corporate strategic priorities:

  • Earn Customers for Life
  • Grow our Brands
  • Lead in Technology and Innovation
  • Drive Core Efficiencies
  • Culture to Win

We aspire to serve customers and improve communities with a “zero” impact mindset. And our work will be grounded in our values, with the customer as our compass to guide decisions, with strong and transparent stakeholder relationships, and with excellence as our standard.

GM Sustainability Report: A Driving Force

The 2014 GM Sustainability Report outlines our efforts around the world to support the long-term success of our company and communities where we operate. This report covers the most material topics for GM with respect to our economic, environmental and social impacts. It demonstrates how sustainability aligns with our strategic priorities, supports our purpose and values, and creates long-term value we can share with our customers and communities.

For information on the extent of GM's efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain, click here.


GM Sustainability

GM Sustainability