About GM: The GM Foundation

Safe Kids Worldwide Partnership

The GM Foundation, General Motors and Safe Kids Worldwide have partnered to protect children in and around cars since 1997, when the organizations created the Buckle Up program.

“What started with a sole focus on child safety seat checks has grown into so much more. As long-time partners of Safe Kids, GM and the GM Foundation are committed to keeping kids safe in and around vehicles during every stage of life. Our goal is to educate families and caregivers on the importance of buckling up on every ride, every time.”

– Vivian Pickard, GM Foundation President

Thanks to the dedication and commitment from the GM Foundation, the Buckle Up program has grown into the most comprehensive child passenger safety program in the nation. Its progress is measured by two things: lives saved and injuries prevented. When the program started in 1997, 1,800 kids died in car crashes almost every year. Another 331,000 children were injured. Today, the number of deaths has been cut by a third, and the number of injuries has been cut in half.

“Safe Kids Worldwide is grateful for the nearly two decades of support for our Buckle Up program. You can witness that deep commitment to keeping kids safe in and around cars at every level of the company, from dealerships who host Buckle Up events, to the engineers who get certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians, to the executive leaders who make it possible for us to protect millions of children every year.”

– Kate Carr, President and CEO, Safe Kids Worldwide