Fueling Vehicle and Road Safety

Our 20-year partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide promotes child passenger safety from the car seat to the driver's seat, in the U.S. and around the world.
In North America, Safe Kids has inspected nearly 2 million car seats for proper installation.
Drive It Home and Steer Your Teen Down the Right Road, provide helpful resources parents can use to help teens get the experience they need behind the wheel to become safer, more experienced drivers.

We are committed to safety, not only for our customers but for everyone who interacts with vehicles.  Our long-standing partnerships with various organizations tell the story – we work to keep people safe in and around vehicles. We are committed to grant-funded programming that works to reduce the number of vehicle injuries and deaths from driver error. From safety research, to installing car seats, to educating parents of teens who are getting ready to take the wheel, we take a multifaceted approach to spreading awareness to keep families safe.

Social Outcomes
1.       Increase seat belt and restraint usage
2.       Decrease the number of distracted drivers
3.       Increase awareness, knowledge and skills of vehicle & road safety issues

Target Audience
Parents, grandparents, young drivers & children