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Emerging Technology: Driving Safety, Efficiency and Independence

At General Motors, we have always been driven by bold imagination and focused, disciplined action to realize the power of those ideas. It is part of our DNA to realize technology's potential for positive change and to share that vision with the world.

Our engineers, designers, and planners live years in the future, imagining a future where cars carrying our loved ones never crash; where empty cars can be sent to pick up our friends; and where cars don’t break down, leaving us stranded.

We are looking into the future, to a time when vehicles will no longer pollute; when they use only fuels made from renewable sources or run on electricity. We are building technologies into vehicles so they never get trapped in a traffic jam, can anticipate and avoid collisions, and that can safely take over the driving for sleepy, busy or distracted drivers.

We are proud to share our vision of how the future of transportation is going to change the lives of our customers, today and tomorrow.


Autonomous Driving: Reducing Accidents and Increasing Independence 

The dream of a car that can drive itself is closer to reality than you might think. In fact, we expect semi-autonomous vehicles to be available to customers before the end of this decade and the technology for fully autonomous vehicles capable of navigating the roadways ready during the next decade.

Active safety technologies available on GM cars and trucks today, such as adaptive cruise control, side blind zone warning and automatic park assist, form the building blocks for full autonomous driving capability. This capability will do more than make your driving experience easier and more enjoyable – it will also make it safer by reducing the number of accidents and traffic jams.

With our Chevrolet EN-V (Electric Networked-Vehicle), GM has combined these safety features with advanced communication technology to demonstrate how a fully autonomous driving experience can change the way we think about driving for the future.


Electric Vehicles (EV): Fully Electric, Emission-Free Driving

We rely on our cars and trucks every day to get us where we need to go, but now more than ever we need them to get us there more efficiently.

While petroleum still dominates the world's markets,because of availability and price, there is growing customer interest in gas-electric hybrids and pure electric vehicles. As customer demand for electric cars and trucks grows, we will be ready. We understand that the path to electrification includes a full range of technologies–including light electrification, traditional and plug-in hybrids, battery-electric vehicles, and extended-range electric vehicles – spanning from our e-Assist to the Volt.

As we look to the next major development in how vehicles are powered, it all comes back to electrification. Electric Vehicles can (EV) run on 100 percent electricity to provide gas- and emission-free driving. This technology holds great potential, especially for use in smaller vehicles running at lower speeds for short distances, in highly populated urban areas.

GM has announced a Chevrolet Spark Electric Vehicle that will be available in certain global markets in 2013.  

We also are partnering with our best suppliers and investing in promising technologies through our GM Ventures business unit to develop new technologies to market quickly.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Reducing Dependence on Gasoline

As we work collectively to reduce our carbon footprint, dependence on petroleum to power our vehicles presents a critical challenge. In addition to our industry-leading development of battery-eclectic vehicles, we continue to pursue promising alternative technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel cells offer the potential to power a wide range of vehicles without a drop of gasoline.

They also have the potential to support family-sized and larger vehicles, provide more passenger or cargo-carrying capability, the ability to travel longer distances at highway speeds, great performance and fuel economy, and full-time zero emission operation. GM's "Project Driveway" fuel cell vehicle demonstration used a fleet of over 100 fuel cell electric Equinoxes to help customers accumulate over 2 million miles. We continue to work on developing and improving fuel cell technology.


Mobile Applications: Keeping you Connected 

Mobile applications empower us to stay connected with people and information while on the go, and bring greater independence and often more fun into our day-to-day lives. With apps like OnStar's RemoteLink1, Chevrolet MyLink2, Buick and GMC IntelliLink2 and Cadillac CUE2, GM leverages this technology to enhance your driving experience.

Tech lovers everywhere will be excited about the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app. This clever app lets you control some of your car’s features from virtually anywhere. Check your fuel level, oil life and tire pressure (if your vehicle is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system) talk to an Advisor, locate your car on a map (available only to U.S. Subscribers), remote start it (if factory equipped) and lock or unlock doors from anywhere you have a signal (if equipped with power door locks). If you have a subscription plan that includes Navigation, you can search for a destination and send directions directly from your phone to your vehicle. With Buick and GMC IntelliLink, Chevrolet MyLink and Cadillac CUE, you can use Bluetooth3 or USB4 connectivity to integrate your smartphone and other apps right into your vehicle's in-dash display. These services not only provide for hands-free use of your phone with voice activation or in-dash controls, it gives you access to other apps and services like Pandora Internet radio.


1. Available on iPhone and select Android platforms. Services vary by model and conditions.

2. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and Smartphone. Some devices require USB connectivity. Data plan rates apply.

3. Visit to find out which Bluetooth phones are compatible with the vehicle.

4. Not compatible with all devices.

5. Preproduction model shown. Vehicle not yet available for sale.

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