Innovation: Environment

Quest for Zero Landfill

We’re committed to waste reduction throughout our operations. Currently, more than half of our manufacturing facilities are landfill-free, bringing our count to 89. On average, 97% of the waste generated from everyday manufacturing operations at these plants is recycled or reused, and 3% is converted to energy. We’re helping non-manufacturing facilities – such as offices and technical centers – become landfill-free, too. We now have 33 on our roster that have achieved the designation.

Generating waste, such as scrap metal, paint sludge or shipping materials, is unavoidable for a car manufacturer as large as GM. However, we are finding innovative ways to repurpose it so it doesn’t end up in the ground.

Remember the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill? Our engineers partnered with recycling companies to convert 227 miles of oil boom into air deflectors for the Chevrolet Volt. We believe there’s still more to be done.

Every GM site is serious about finding ways to reduce and reuse waste. All of our worldwide manufacturing facilities combined—landfill-free and all others—recycle or reuse nearly 85% of the waste they generate.


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