GM Women
The Affinity Group for Women (AGW) aims to assist women in managing their careers and professional development, while developing GM as a workplace of choice and creating leadership opportunities for women to excel. 

Asian Indian Affinity Group (AIAG)
This organization helps to create greater awareness about its culture, beliefs and values by distributing educational tools and resources to GM employees and its dealer network.

Chinese Employee Resource Group (CERG)
Provides opportunities for cultural awareness activities and social and community interactions for all GM employees, and supports collaborative efforts among other affinity groups.

GM African Ancestry Network (GMAAN)
GMAAN is driven to be a resource to provide GM a competitive advantage by attracting, developing and retaining African Ancestry employees while connecting to communities.   

Hispanic Initiative Team (HIT)
This group strives to be the face of GM in the Hispanic community. HIT offers a mentoring activity, and supports Hispanic Heritage Month and Cinco de Mayo events.

With operations ranging globally from North America to Asia, JS provides opportunities for professional development, "workplace of choice" initiatives, marketing and community service. 

GM PLUS (People Like US) is the employee resource group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees and their allies.

Native American Cultural Network (NACN)
The goal of NACN is to educate, inform and create a greater awareness among GM employees, customers and the general public about Native American Indian culture beliefs and values.

Middle-East, Southeast Asian Affinity Group (MESEA)
MESEA strives to make GM the workplace of choice for people of the Middle East, North Africa, Southern Europe and South East Asia.

People With Disabilities (PWD)
PWD serve as a resource to GM employees who are disabled or who care for a person with a disability by providing valuable input to the company relative to accessible design of our products and facilities.

Veterans Affinity Group
The goal of GM's Veteran's Affinity Group is to create positive, lasting relations with communities, union partners and veteran organizations. 

Vietnamese Affinity Group (VIET)
Provides GM employees with a means to connect with local Vietnamese communities, while enhancing employee leadership skills and heritage knowledge.