• Mary T. Barra

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Motors Company

    Mary Barra is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors Company. She was elected Chairman of the GM Board of Directors on January 4, 2016, and has served as CEO of GM since January 15, 2014.

  • Dan Ammann

    President, General Motors Company

    Dan Ammann was named president of General Motors in January 2014. Ammann is responsible for managing the company’s business operations around the world, the global Chevrolet and Cadillac brand organizations, global product planning, new business development and GM Financial.

  • Alan Batey

    Executive Vice President and President, North America

    Alan S. Batey was appointed executive vice president and president, North America, in January 2014. Batey also serves on the board of GM China’s joint venture, Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. (SGM), and the GM Foundation.

  • Daniel E. Berce

    Senior Vice President & President and Chief Executive Officer, GM Financial

    Daniel E. Berce has been Senior Vice President & President and Chief Executive Officer, GM Financial since October 2010, when the company was purchased by General Motors. Previously, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of AmeriCredit Corp. from August 2005 to September 2010, President from 2003 to 2005, and was Chief Financial Officer from 1990 to 2003.

  • Kimberly (Kim) J. Brycz

    Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, General Motors

    Kimberly (Kim) J. Brycz was appointed to the position of senior vice president, Global Human Resources on March 12, 2018. In this role, she leads an HR team and systems that build enterprise-wide employee engagement, develop talent and support strategic planning at all levels.

  • Alicia Boler Davis

    Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing

    Alicia Boler Davis was named executive vice president, General Motors Global Manufacturing in June 2016. Her responsibilities include leading GM’s global manufacturing operations, manufacturing engineering and labor relations organizations. She is a member of the GM Senior Leadership Team and reports to GM CEO and Chairman Mary Barra.

  • Stephen (Steve) K. Carlisle

    Senior Vice President and President, Cadillac

    Stephen K. Carlisle was appointed Senior Vice President and President, Cadillac on April 18, 2018. Steve had been President and Managing Director of GM Canada since November 20, 2014.

  • Tony Cervone

    Senior Vice President, Global Communications, General Motors Company

    Tony Cervone was named senior vice president, Global Communications, in May 2014. As GM’s top communications executive, he is responsible for the company’s overall global communications strategy. In October 2015, he assumed responsibility for GM corporate giving activities. He is a member of the Senior Leadership Team and a senior advisor to CEO Mary Barra.

  • Barry Engle

    Executive Vice President and President, GM International

    Barry Engle joined GM as Executive Vice President and President, South America, responsible for the operations in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, effective September 2015. In October 2017 it was announced that his responsibilities would expand to include all operations outside of North America and China. He is also a member of the GM Executive Leadership Team.

  • Craig Glidden

    Executive Vice President and General Counsel

    Craig B. Glidden is executive vice president and general counsel of General Motors Co., a position he has held since he joined GM in March 2015.

  • Rocky Gupta

    Vice President, Treasurer, General Motors Company

    Rocky Gupta was named vice president, treasurer in August 2018. Gupta is responsible for leading the company’s global treasury operations, including capital planning, capital markets, operations and worldwide banking activities.

  • Randall D. Mott

    Senior Vice President, Global Information Technology & Chief Information Officer

    Randy Mott was named senior vice president and chief information officer, Global Information Technology (IT) in February 2012, responsible for the company’s global IT strategy and all IT assets. He is a member of the Executive Leadership Team, reporting to CEO Mary Barra.

  • Mark Reuss

    Executive Vice President, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain General Motors Company

    Mark L. Reuss leads the design, engineering, safety, quality, research and development, advanced vehicle technology and program management of General Motors cars, trucks and crossovers around the world. He also oversees GM’s Global Purchasing and Supply Chain organization, and is a member of the GM Executive Leadership Team and the board of Shanghai General Motors (SGM).

  • Chuck Stevens

    Executive Vice President and CFO, General Motors

    Chuck Stevens was named executive vice president and chief financial officer of General Motors effective Jan. 15, 2014. Stevens is responsible for leading the company’s financial and accounting operations on a global basis.

  • Jeffrey A. Taylor

    Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, General Motors

    Jeffrey A. Taylor has served as Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of General Motors since November 2015. Prior to joining GM, Taylor was vice president and general counsel of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, and before that he served as chief executive of Ernst & Young’s Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services practice in the Americas.

  • Thomas S. Timko

    Vice President, Global Business Solutions and Chief Accounting Officer General Motors Company

    Tom Timko was named vice president, Global Business Solutions, on July 1, 2017. In this role he manages a global team charged with streamlining GM business processes to improve service quality, and reduce complexity and costs.

  • Matt Tsien

    GM Executive Vice President and President, GM China

    Matthew (Matt) Tsien was appointed GM executive vice president and president of GM China in January 2014. Based in Shanghai, he oversees the day-to-day operations of GM’s business in China, including its 11 joint ventures.