Bonus 24 Hours Provides Extra Time to Spend on Others

Chevrolet is inviting everyone to use their Leap Day to #DayItForward

Chevrolet is inviting everyone to use their Leap Day to #DayItForward
Chevrolet is inviting everyone to use their Leap Day to #DayItForward

DETROIT – A Leap Year means an extra day, an extra 24 hours, and this year Chevrolet is encouraging everyone to put their added time towards simply doing something nice for someone else.

Today, Chevrolet kicks off #DayItForward and predicts smiles to start appearing in unexpected locations.

“Time is such a precious commodity and having an extra day this year presents an amazing opportunity for all of us to do something impactful,” said Paul Edwards, Chevrolet vice president of Marketing. “The Chevy team is going to take those extra hours and put them towards doing unexpected acts of kindness for people – something that we hope others will embrace and repeat.”

Chevrolet will not be alone in the movement to surprise and delight with moments of happiness. Keep your eyes peeled as some of your favorite entertainers, websites and companies join Chevrolet in the fun of treating each other to something meaningful, contributing with their own ideas on how to #DayItForward.

Whether you buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line, help carry someone’s groceries to their car or buy a stranger the vacation of their dreams, there is no act too big or too small that a person can do.

So, with plenty of time left in 2016, the question challenging all of us now is, how are you going to #DayItForward?

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