General Motors is committed to fostering smart, safe and sustainable communities around the world. Our social investments promote economic growth through STEM education, vehicle and road safety and community development.

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STEM Education

We want to build the next leaders and innovators in science, technology, engineering, and math.  This means making sure all kids and young adults have access to mentorship in this field. Especially kids from underrepresented and diverse groups.

We use the following tools to solve complex STEM education challenges:

Immersive Learning

Hands-on experiences that encourage engagement.

Computational Thinking

Developing skills like problem solving, pattern recognition, experimenting, expressing and creating.

Artificial Intelligence

Exploring AI-powered technologies to facilitate teaching and learning in this space.

Digitization of Education

Using digital tools and resources to transform how learning is organized, delivered and experienced inside and outside the classroom.

Vehicle and Road Safety

With safety as our number one priority, General Motors is investing in nonprofit partnerships to increase safety in and around vehicles as we work toward a future with zero crashes. In the meantime, we are educating on the dangers of distracted driving, advocating for seatbelt usage and safe travel practices. We are also particularly committed to the safety of children and teens and champion for increased awareness, knowledge and skill of vehicles and road safety issues.

Community Development

We are creating and supporting programs and initiatives that foster prosperity for the communities where we do business, around the world. Our focus is on improving social mobility for underrepresented children and families.

We work with partners to help solve complex social problems in the following areas:


Increased access and utilization to reliable, affordable, smart and innovative transportation options to help facilitate social inclusion.


Increase access to jobs with promising career paths and help develop skills in the areas of advanced manufacturing, technology, skilled trades and service technicians.


Improve communities’ neighborhood infrastructure, housing stabilization, revitalization and school improvement projects through Smart Growth urban planning.


As home to our global headquarters, Detroit holds unique meaning to General Motors. We are proud to give time and funding to support initiatives to help make the Motor City an attractive place to live, work and play. Our hometown grant funding is primary focused on education, sustainable employment, neighborhood revitalization and increased access to arts and cultural institutions.

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