Imagining What Is Possible


General Motors has been pushing boundaries and setting the curve for design and technology since we created the first concept car. Our concept vehicles continue to lead our industry in new directions.

In 1938 General Motors’ Chief Designer Harley Earl created the Y-Job, the world’s first concept car. This spirit of innovation left a lasting impression on the automotive industry and changed how the industry approaches design to this day, with vehicles like the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt EV or the breathtaking Buick Enspire all-electric concept SUV.


At General Motors, the limit to what is possible is constantly being pushed. Eighty years ago, designers and engineers used the Y-Job concept car to test out features such as retractable headlamps and power windows. Now, concept cars are only one of the innovating ways we test unconventional ideas. Virtual reality simulator testing is becoming increasingly valuable for exploring new technology. For example, our autonomous software is tested in simulated environments before reaching the road, enabling today’s engineers and designers to make self-driving vehicles a beautiful reality.

General Motors’ culture, imagination, and vision have only grown, which enables us to continue to push the bar and lead in automotive design and technology.