Innovation Thrives From Diversity and Inclusion.

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Respecting a wide range of unique perspectives is key to our success. General Motors is dedicated to being at the forefront of change, leveraging our creativity and different points of view to define the new era of mobility.

General Motors believes that cultures shape today’s global economy. Our latest Diversity & Inclusion Report ( shows how we’re attracting, retaining, and encouraging employees of all backgrounds to drive results.

“At GM, we recognize the power of diversity and the role it plays in sparking ingenuity and creativity,” says Ken Barrett, GM global chief diversity officer. “As we continue to face new challenges and innovate new solutions, we know the diversity among us will give GM a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.”


By bringing together diverse teams, we gain multiple perspectives that all work towards one vision, a world of zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion. We believe that building a culture of inclusion will strengthen our understanding of customer needs and help us solve today’s toughest global transportation challenges. The Diversity & Inclusion Report highlights the key initiatives, strategic partners, workforce development, and community engagement we’re using to help our employees and business thrive.

Check out our D&I Report to learn how GM:

Promotes Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
Finds & Recruits Top Talent
Engages Employees
Ranks on Its D&I Efforts
Develops Talent
Supports Diverse Communities
Welcomes Veterans & People with Disabilities
Introduces STEM to Multicultural Communities
Develops Women & Minority Dealers
Supports the Development of Diverse Suppliers

Download the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report